Kevin Durant “accidentally” likes a Russell Westbrook hate comment on Instagram

OAKLAND, CA — Kevin Durant was caught up in another social media blunder on Monday, after he liked a comment that said Westbrook was the "problem in OKC". Durant told ESPN it was a "total accident" that he liked the comment and there is "no story here". Another classic KD move by not being... Continue Reading →


Western Conference Betting Odds & Predictions

1. Rockets (-1200) vs. 8. Timberwolves (+800) — Everyone thought the Warriors would be the 1-seed going into the playoffs, but the Harden/CP3 duo had other ideas. Absolutely putting on a show this season, the Rockets eclipsed the 65-win season for the first time in franchise history. As for the Timberwolves, I think they're just... Continue Reading →

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