Why The Giants Have A Good Chance of Missing Out on The Playoffs

The New York Giants fell to 8-4 on the season after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-14 on Sunday evening. The Giants, who played their first winning opponent since early October, had trouble finding a way to put points on the board against a Pittsburgh defense that hasn’t been great all year. Before playing the... Continue Reading →


The Five Best Bets Before Football Season Kicks Off

Packers, Seahawks, and Panthers Parlay to Make Playoffs (-140) All three teams made the playoffs last year and have made it for the past three years, including a 2013 Super bowl winner (Seahawks) and a 2015 Super bowl runner-up (Panthers). Leaving the Packers—who haven’t made the Super bowl since 2010—but have made the playoffs for... Continue Reading →

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