Minnesota Miracle Launches Vikings to NFC Championship

Minneapolis, MN — “I still don’t know what just happened”, said Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs, after scoring one of the most improbable touchdowns in recent memory.

After the Vikings ended the first half ahead 17-0, it looked like they were smooth sailing into the NFC Championship with a date against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Saints would score 24 points in the second half, including a Wil Lutz field goal to put the saints on top 24-23,  with 25 seconds remaining had the Vikings NFC Championship and Super Bowl dreams crushed.

So, with 25 seconds remaining and one timeout, Case Keenum had to get around the 35 yard-line to give kicker Kai Forbath a chance. First play of the drive — false start on the offense. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a team try to comeback with minimal time on the clock, get a false start, and right then and there the game is virtually over. The Vikings then get a first down that is inbounds, which makes them call their last timeout with still 25-30 yards to try and get in range.

Then, the Minnesota Miracle happened. Keenum dropped back to pass, found an open Stefon Diggs near the sideline(which you see 99% of the time where the receiver just steps out of bounds to save time) and would put them in FG range with a couple seconds remaining. Instead, the Saints defensive back misses the tackle, Diggs turns up field with nothing but green grass ahead. Touchdown. Chaos. Jubilation. Speechless.

Vegas Perspective

The opening line in Las Vegas was Vikings favorited by 3.5 points and was bet up all the way to 5.5 until kickoff. Imagine having a -5.5 Vikings ticket. You get the insane touchdown, but don’t cover because they didn’t kick the extra point. Yea…gambling. The over/under opened at 45 and was bet up to 46.5. The last touchdown did not matter for the total, as the score was 24-23 before, which makes people with the over a winner.


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