I’m Finally Admitting LeBron Is Better Than Kobe

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. But I think I needed to. To be finally at peace. For so long I’ve been arguing that Kobe Bryant has been better than LeBron James. However, I can’t lie to myself anymore. After what James did in the playoffs this year, I will wholeheartedly admit that LeBron James is better than Kobe, I think I’m sick.

It seemed like the Kobe-LeBron rivalry was something that they both knew about. They did a good job of pretending like it was nothing. They would always act buddy-buddy when they saw each other.  Always laughing and talking it up after a game. Their smiles looked real. And if you think that it was real, you’re crazy. It was faker than a teenage-girl friendship. They both didn’t like each other. They probably still don’t. No one competing to be the best, likes the person they’re going up against. That’s just a fact.  And don’t give me the, “Well on the court they hated each other, but off the court they were friends” line. That’s garbage.

Now, some will say that LeBron has always been better than Kobe even before the 2016 NBA Playoffs or regular season for that matter. Mostly Cavaliers fans–yes I know. But what LeBron did in the past month–Kobe could have never done. I apologize Lakers fans. It’s sad but true. His playoff numbers were incredible. His Finals numbers weren’t human. The one statistic that sticks out–James led all players in the Finals in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. Excuse me? That’s absurd. He’s the first to ever do so in a playoff series (Cavs fans thinking, “Where’s MJ on that list?”.)

I could rattle off more numbers that will prove why LeBron is better, but we all watched the Finals. We know what happened. And quite frankly, I don’t want to get more nauseous than I am right now.

I remember always arguing that Kobe has more rings than LeBron. So, obviously Kobe was better. DUH! It’s a childish argument. It also happened to be my only one. It’s like saying Eli Manning is better than Aaron Rodgers. The only people who actually believe that are Giants fans. It’s the same situation here. If you think Kobe is better than Lebron than odds are you’re a Lakers fan. And I think that’s the cool part about sports. How you can have so much passion for a team that you’d defend the players like they were your family.

And for so long I did that for Kobe. Like a brother. Conversation after conversation. Argument after argument. But I can’t anymore. And it’s not because I don’t want to. I just don’t have the numbers to back it up. People lie, numbers don’t. I’m done lying.

It got to the point where I started betting on LeBron because I rather lose money than see him do well. Insane, right? When he did well, then at least my wallet was happy. I think being a LeBron-hater was just a product of the love I have for Kobe. I didn’t want anyone getting to the level that Kobe was on. My only choice was to root against him.

I’ve been in denial for quite some time. In fact, after I’m done writing this I’ll try to convince myself Kobe is still better than LeBron. Damn you, Lebron!

Unless the NBA legalizes the use of steroids then we probably won’t ever see another player built like James. I may or may not think he’s on steroids, but that’s another discussion.

What he did for his city. That’s the important part here. Leaving and then coming back. He promised a title. He kept it. And I have to respect that. Congrats, King.


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