Dubai Looking To Put Itself On Global Stage With World Future Sports Games

In 2017, Dubai will be host to teams from all over the world to play in the first ever World Future Sports Games. The World Federation of Future Sports will be organizing the event, which will be featuring innovative, technology-based sports competitions for the teams to compete against one another.

“Today we start a new phase in our march to the future through the launch of these unique initiatives that are built on the success of our global platforms, the UAE Drones for Good Award and UAE AI and Robotics Award for Good,” said Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai.

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The games hope to attract thousands of researchers and experts from around the globe to create a multi-billion dollar industry. This will be a three-day event from December 28th to 30th and will engage in nine competitions that use modern technology, such as, robotic soccer, driverless car racing, drone races, and more.

“The World Federation of Future Sports will work with international federations to create an integrated global system to support the new future sports sector by organizing scientific and technological competitions in different parts of the world, integrating research and technological development with sports,” said Sheikh Hamdan.

With the excessive wealth that Dubai has, it makes the potential to be a big hit within the city. However, there is no certainty that it will be successful, as Dubai doesn’t really have much experience with Olympic-styled events. Either way, the tech-focused games will bring a new and unique approach to the sports world and further solidify the global sports tech movement as an industry changer.


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