Schutt Sports To Develop Head Collision Monitoring Technology With GForceTracker

Schutt Sports announced collaboration with GForceTracker Inc that will develop the company’s head collision monitoring technology. This new technology will be placed into helmet chinstraps where users will be able to observe velocity of impacts, severity of impacts, and predict athlete energy reserves. Ultimately, the safety of the players will hopefully improve drastically due to these recordings, which will be open to parents and coaches.

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“Anyone involved in the care of our athletes can now make an informed decision to implement head impact and performance monitoring,” said Robert Erb, President and CEO of Schutt Sports. “Whether it’s the schools, clubs, parents, certified athletic trainers or coaches; it’s as simple as using this new SMART Chin Guard.

Best case scenario, the potential of this new technology is something that can perhaps save someone’s life. The concussion epidemic has been growing each and every year. This has become something so severe it has parents preventing their kids from playing sports that involve head-on collisions.

With the GFT partnership, Schutt will be able to gather and analyze this data in real time through the software-monitoring platform called Eye in the Sky. In the past, Schutt Sports has made baseball and softball helmets to increase protection. In addition, they have their own football shoulder pads, that helps players control moisture and heat.

Football is just one of the sports that could benefit from this technology, alongside hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. With the information that this technology has to offer, it will increase not only player safety, but also their careers.


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