I’m Finally Admitting LeBron Is Better Than Kobe

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. But I think I needed to. To be finally at peace. For so long I’ve been arguing that Kobe Bryant has been better than LeBron James. However, I can’t lie to myself anymore. After what James did in the playoffs this year, I will wholeheartedly admit that LeBron... Continue Reading →


Dubai Looking To Put Itself On Global Stage With World Future Sports Games

In 2017, Dubai will be host to teams from all over the world to play in the first ever World Future Sports Games. The World Federation of Future Sports will be organizing the event, which will be featuring innovative, technology-based sports competitions for the teams to compete against one another. “Today we start a new... Continue Reading →

Schutt Sports To Develop Head Collision Monitoring Technology With GForceTracker

Schutt Sports announced collaboration with GForceTracker Inc that will develop the company’s head collision monitoring technology. This new technology will be placed into helmet chinstraps where users will be able to observe velocity of impacts, severity of impacts, and predict athlete energy reserves. Ultimately, the safety of the players will hopefully improve drastically due to... Continue Reading →

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