The USA Cycling Team Will Be Using Hi-Tech Eyewear At The Rio 2016 Olympics

Solos and USA Cycling have partnered for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. This collaboration will permit athletes and members of USA Cycling access to high-tech, high-performance Solos eyewear. This will incorporate innovative heads-up display and audio technologies for the riders.

The partnership will cover USAC’s developmental curriculums and the road and track USA Cycling teams, including the Rio Olympics Games. Solos smart eyewear provides cyclists with the significant performance data they need to train with accuracy and accomplish peak results without breaking stride.

Solos presents performance metrics such as heart rate, speed, power, pace, cadence, distance, duration and other Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible data. The Solos app can capture, stream and sync data that will let cyclists customize workouts while keeping track of target performance levels.

“The Solos Smart Glasses offer a cutting edge tool for the continued success of USA Cycling athletes when training, and will play an integral role in our developmental programs and the USA Cycling Team on the road and track,” said Jim Miller, USA Cycling Vice President of Athletics. “This technology is especially vital with our women’s Olympic pursuit team in their Rio preparations and would be perfect for any road training program.”

“We are always looking for technologies to help improve and push the limits of our athletes’ performance, on the road and on the track, especially aiming at our goal for gold in Rio 2016.  We worked in conjunction with the Solos team from the ground up to develop a wearable technology that could be a game changer in the industry and have a great impact across the board.” Andy Sparks, Director of Track Cycling Programs, USA Cycling.


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