Samsung Slide Bench To Provide Some Lucky Fans With Potentially Amazing Experience

Samsung is coming out with movable seats that will change the way fans can watch games. Named the Slider, these movable seats will race up and down the sideline, keeping up with the action from beginning to end. The Slider will be installed for rugby games at London’s Twickenham Stadium that take place on May 21st and 22nd.

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The specially manufactured sliding bench will be fitted onto a track that will be able to operate the entire 100-meter length of the stadiums playing field. The bench has the capability to run up to 20 mph, which will be able to keep up with the fast paced action.

This is all possible thanks to the “revolutionary aluminum technological design” that will ultimately be the main reason why this bench will work. This has the potential to be a big hit for the fans especially if it is a close game.  Furthermore, with good feedback, other sports might start to install the bench in their stadium. Having this bench in an MLS or even an NFL game would be quite interesting to see the reaction of the fans as well.

So how can you get a seat on the bench?

If you purchase or have purchased a selected Samsung TV, Multi-room Soundbar, or Audio 360 speaker then you have a chance to win a one-match ride on the Samsung Slider. Click here to submit your name. The deadline is May 14th.


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