Why Eli Manning Shouldn’t be in the HOF

Eli Manning, at the age of 34, is entering his 12th season as the quarterback for the New York Giants. As his career starts to wind down, one can’t help but debate the Hall of Fame status of Eli. It is certainly an intriguing one, especially with the roller coaster ride Manning has been on the past couple seasons. Giant’s fans will hang onto his 2 super bowl rings and super bowl MVPs. Other people will show his statistics in comparison to other quarterbacks, which doesn’t match up well for Eli. When you think of the Hall of Fame, you think of the greatest of all time at their sport and position. So when Eli Manning retires, will he be known for being one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game? Because of the pass happy league in today’s game, the numbers are a bit skewed when comparing Eli to the all time greats, such as Steve Young and Joe Montana. To put it this way, Eli is projected to finish his career with at least 2,000 more attempts than both Young and Montana. When a QB has more attempts by that margin, I don’t care who it is; they’re going to have more touchdowns, yards, etc. At first, Eli passes the eye test by his two super bowl rings and MVPs. Quite frankly; you would think that’s all someone needs to get into the HOF (Giant’s fans are screaming yes right now). However, if you were to just look at Eli’s season-to-season numbers, you would think he’s just your average quarterback who excelled for only a couple seasons. Here’s an interesting statistic. In an era where everybody makes the Pro Bowl, Manning has been selected only three of 11 seasons. And the best part? He’s never been an All-Pro. That means he’s never been one of the four best quarterbacks in the league in ANY single season. NOT ONE! That should end the discussion right there. I just don’t understand how a QB that wasn’t in the top 4 in their position over a course of a 16-game season can be even considered in the Hall of Fame. It seems a bit foolish to me. I understand that you can say he has the two rings and super bowl MVPs, but Eli didn’t do it himself. The 2007 championship team had one of the best defenses in the league including the most sacks and forced fumbles. Furthermore, they didn’t allow more than 20 points in a playoff game and held the 18-0 patriots to 14 points in the super bowl. In similarity, the 2011 championship defense didn’t allow more than 20 points in a playoff game and had arguably the best defensive line in the league. I’m not saying Manning didn’t do anything in those games, I’m just stating that if Eli never had those defenses, he could easily have zero rings and zero super bowl MVPs. The problem for Eli is that he’s never really been dominant. He’s only had two great seasons in 2009 and 2011. If you compare his numbers in 09’ to his peers, he barely was a top 10 QB, and in 2011 he was the 5th best quarterback and that’s being generous. How can being great 2 out of 11 seasons be Hall of Fame worthy? Another interesting note to make. Manning has thrown for 30 plus touchdowns just twice in his 11 seasons as a quarterback. Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos has done it nine times, and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints has done it seven times. You know who also threw for 30 plus touchdowns twice in his career? Daunte Culpepper. Except it took Daunte six seasons and it took Eli 11.Yikes! You know where Culpepper is now? Yeah, me neither. Before the 2014 season, Eli’s career completion percentage was an abysmal 58.5 percent. That ranked him below every single active QB with 1500 attempts except for Michael Vick, Josh Freeman, Rex Grossman, and Mark Sanchez. I think I read this stat at least 15 times, and laughed every single time. I mean, come on now. For Manning, he is trying to make the best out of his remaining seasons especially with the rising star of Odell Beckham Jr. at wide receiver. I believe that Eli still needs to prove himself in the next couple of seasons if he wants to have a shot at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He has the playoff resume to get in, but his regular season numbers are bad compared to others who got into the Hall of Fame. Manning has been a good quarterback his whole career, but to get inducted into the Hall of Fame you need to be great. We’ll see if he can be great in his last couple seasons.


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